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Cast AlNiCo Magnets
Because of their greater density, cast AlNiCo magnets have stronger magnetic properties than sintered magnets of the same class. On the other hand, due to economic reasons, casting technology, in comparison with sintering technology, is usually more suitable for producing magnets of larger dimensions.
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Sintered AlNiCo Magnets
Due to the slightly lower density of sintered AlNiCo magnets they generally have slightly lower magnetic properties compared to cast AlNiCo magnets. However, due to the different production process more complex shapes can be created. Sintering technology is due to economic reasons more suitable for producing AlNiCo magnets in smaller sizes and more complex shapes.
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Samarium Cobalt Magnets (SmCo5)
In comparison with NdFeB magnets, SmCo magnets work at higher operating temperatures and have better temperature stability. Due to their high magnetic properties they are particularly suitable for applications where the relationship between magnetic properties and the size of the magnet is very important.
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Samarium Cobalt Magnets (Sm2Co17)
NdFeB magnets can be produced with numerous grades of magnetic properties. Although their maximum working temperatures are generally lower than for AlNiCo and SmCo magnets and they have worse corrosion resistance, NdFeB magnets are used for a wide range of applications.
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Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) Magnets
Polymer bonded magnets are the most suitable for products of very complex shapes and wide range of dimensions and magnetic characteristics.
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Injection & Compresion moulded
We also offer custom-made magnetic system solutions including magnetic separators, flow sensors, lifting magnets, magnetic clutches and level switches.
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VLL 17/4,2x20 SIMAG 1500

• Shape Ring magnets
• Height 20
• Outer Ø 17
• Inner Ø 4.2
• Weight 30,750 g
Delivery time: 1-3 business days
20 pcs
2,00 EUR

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